How to Stop Mold Growth in Your Home


Mold can accumulate in your home no matter what the season is. Even if the weather is hot, they can still grow in the different areas of your house, such as the bathroom, kitchen, basement, attic, and other places that are dark and susceptible to moisture. You can even find mold in your walls or ceilings. All of these are due to the activities inside your residence.

This particular form of fungus can be hard to notice at first, but sooner or later, you will start to see those black, dark brown or green spots. That right there is a clear sign that mold has already invaded your home, which can adversely affect not only the foundation of your dwelling place but also your health and that of your family. And with this, you have to eliminate the source as soon as possible. You can click here to learn more about a company that offers the best mold remediation services in Florida.

Here are some tips to stop the growth of mold in your home:

Control Moisture

moistureLike what we have said earlier, mold thrives in dark and moist areas. Therefore, you have to find ways to control the moisture inside your house. Ideally, the humidity level should be below 60 percent, and you can easily detect this if you invest in a hygrometer.

Furthermore, when you are taking a shower, it is advisable that you open the windows in the bathroom. Or, you can also leave the door open. This will allow the moisture to vent out. You also have to wipe down the walls once you are done bathing because if you leave them wet, you can expect mold growth in just a day or two.

Other things that you can do to control moisture include improving your home’s insulation, running a dehumidifier, increasing air ventilation, and using exhaust fans.

Stop the Entry of Water

There are several ways in which water can enter your home. The most common are leaks from the roof. With this in mind, it is crucial that you inspect the roof as well as the attic for any holes or punctures that will allow water to penetrate your residence. If these damages are left unresolved, mold can easily spread and will cause more headaches later on.

Additionally, you have to ensure that your gutters are working right. They should be free from any debris that can hinder the flow of water away from your home.